how much longer must we tolerate mass culture?

Monday, November 24, 2003

i'm getting grief for never updating this damned thing, so in place of anything useful to say, i bought some new records on friday and perhaps i should just share my joy:

timeblind the rastabomba remixes
the bug feat wayne lonesome slew dem
keith hudson satan side
rhythm and sound with cornell campbell king in my empire
the two new shockout releases from Kid 606's label, one from DJ Rupture with Wayne Lonesome and i forget the other one !
gina x no gdm remixes (it's like my goth past is ok again!)
outkast hey ya! (single of the year?)
missy pass the dutch
primal scream some velvet morning (there's a good version on the b-side, trust me )
dub pistols six million ways to live (which is a lot better than you think it is, in a festival band genre-collision kind of way)

and some others. but i'm drunk..

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