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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

10 days on the wagon.

it's crap.

can't sleep, don't feel any better.

whazza point?

by the way, Matt TWANBOC is now slagging off Gang Of Four's Entertainment.

this is beyond the pale and I may have to set the dogs on him.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

since Matt takes great pleasure in teasing us with interminable lists of all his new records, i'm going to do the same. my lists will be shorter and much, MUCH less credible. but i don't care!

whilst waiting for a bus in Brixton on Sunday morning, i somehow ended up in the Virgin store (never a place for stocking up on the latest Stock Hausen & Walkman 3" CD in a plywood sleeve) and ended up with this bizarre fucking selection:

The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers (hardly the most important record of the decade, as some would argue, but it's one of the two or three best tracks to emerge from whatever we're calling this post-punk retread at the moment)

The Soledad Brothers - Voice Of Treason

Bill Withers - Greatest Hits (trust me on this, it's great)

KRS1/Boogie Down Productions - A Retrospective

Breach - Connect (really fucking crunchy swedish hardcore on Burning Hearts Records)

Gene Clarke - No Other (reissued at last, bought it for Strength of Strings as much as anything, which the art students among you will remember This Mortal Coil covering)

Tiga - Hot In Herre. (utterly pointless cover. why did i believe the hype?)

do i need an excuse for any of that? well, there's the People's Republic Of Disco, we've got to keep folks happy.


so the 'industrial music is pooh!' debate rages on, with Matt TWANBOC still taking a snook-cocking stance at the whole thing, and John Eden and Paul Meme mounting sound defences.

with reference to what Meme said:

".... I think the link from industrial to acid house is seminal, as much because of the crowd as the musicians. My memory is that much of the industrial scene formed part of initial audience for acid. "

i'd agree with that, and also i'd wonder how nobody seems (i may have missed it) to have mentioned Meat Beat Manifesto yet. certainly, my initial exposure to that end of dance music came from hearing stuff like Storm The Studio from my more industrialist friends, and then them playing me tunes like Egyptian Horn Track straight after. MBM ended up being very much an act of dimishing returns, but for me they were perhaps the most important collision - at least at that early stage - between dance and industry.

in fact thinking about it, Bournemouth seemed to miss out on acid and house entirely, at least from what I could see and all the people I knew who abandoned their goth/industrial tendencies initially and got into it were definitely those who'd previously been into MBM, Ministry and the like, and even Depeche Mode et al. very few seemed to come from the other, dancier end. but maybe that's because all my friends were po-faced wankers !

(but don't get me started or i'll veer off into my stock rant about how Pop Will Eat Itself invented breakbeat and they'd be taken a lot more seriously if only they'd taken themselves seriously. and trust me, we don't need that)
yeh, yeh....

i've been busy, okay? should have more blogging time now since i appear to be on the wagon. one brush with alcohol poisoning is enough for me, for now at least, so i'm off EVERYTHING until my birthday in 3 weeks.

of course, this all started at Riddim!, and i blame that Eden fella.

or something

to be honest, i was a bit disappointed with Riddim! everybody else seemed happy - we had 50 or 60 people come, which is great for a first night which was also up against carnival and the Reading Festival and the usual August Bank Holiday flight from the capital - but i thought it just lacked atmosphere somehow.

but these things take time to build i guess, and hopefully some of our live acts/special guests should come through for subsequent ones. which is in no way to diminish what was a storming set from Eden and DJ Badly. as usual, i panicked a bit when nobody was dancing during my set and instead of keeping it to the nice pure 70s roots set i'd promised myself (and anybody else who'd listen) i veered into populism by the end, something I compounded by going back on the decks (by this point barely able to stand!) and spinning all the usual ska and digidub and bashment crowd-pleasers I always drop at times of stress.....

but all in all, it was a decent night and just makes me determined to make the next one even better. or something

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